DI SCHIENA – Alessandro Piangiamore and Giuseppe Gallo at Sala d’Aspetto in Milan

The next project for Sala d’Aspetto in Milan will be di schiena by Alessandro Piangiamore and Giuseppe Gallo.

The research of Giuseppe Gallo and Alessandro Piangiamore is rooted in the Mediterranean: in the culture and traditions of Southern Italy, marked by the legacy of ancient archaic peoples, by old wisdom and myths, by the natural landscape and the order regulating its elements – the sea, the earth, the sky, and the way in which they mingle with human life.

The artists’ works feed on organic forms, natural and artificial shapes, iconographies and images that are transformed and registered in their art so as to grasp the essence of things, crystallising moments of the never-ending flow of time and life. Both act on the matter through an alchemical process between painting and sculpture, producing forms that absorb and contain the energy of the universe. Their action, through a relentless experimentation, shows a tendency towards the sublimation of matter, searching for the expression of meaning and symbols in the complexity of reality through a poetic vision. The gesture that marks the four-hand work created for the Sala d’Aspetto (Waiting Room) harbours the primordial force of human cultural, social and natural tradition through an intervention that fits gently and almost merges with the architecture and the space decor, as a game that will intrigue the viewer, igniting her desire to know the world and everyday reality even in its most ordinary aspects, as each of them is rich and full of value.

Giuseppe Gallo’s Filosofo (Philosopher) stands out with a linear and sinuous profile, like a silhouette in motion: a smooth and clean line, carved with laser in the sign of modern innovation but at the same time charged with the history of representation; the undefined body is surmounted by the stamp of a Cyclops’s head made by Alessandro Piangiamore. It is a seal that encloses the face like a patiently engraved miniature, whose mould is so strongly impressed on the surface that its reduced size unleashes the power of a large sculpture – of a mask that silently pronounces the oracle. The mysterious figure summarizes and encapsulates in its essence the complexity of reality: the Cyclops and the philosopher are combined in a physical and mental dialogue. The close comparison of their strong and distinct identities metaphorically encloses the inexhaustible contrasts that take turns in the human soul. The artist reflects and questions himself and the others, raising issues that often remain unsolved – symptoms of the magic and mystery of life. Now, the Waiting Room echoes with the questions that Giuseppe Gallo and Alessandro Piangiamore have asked each other: “How many philosophers does it take to face a giant?” and “How many giants to face a philosopher?”

The exhibition is curated by Anna Musini and Elisa Ci Penagini.

Opening: 10 April 2016, 6pm 
SALA D’ASPETTO – Via Vincenzo Bellini 1, Milan