Cecilia Mangini / Pier Paolo Pasolini: cinema and politics at Villa Medici in Rome

Screening of short films Ignoti alla città, Stendalì and La Canta delle marane by Cecilia Mangini, followed by a meeting with Cecilia Mangini, photographer and filmmaker, Anne-Violaine Houcke, researcher in cinema and fellow at Villa Medici, and Paolo Pisanelli, director and artistic director of the Festa del Cinema Reale.

Between 1958 and 1961, Cecilia Mangini makes three films, for which she asks Pier Paolo Pasolini to write a comment to be read in voice over. The three films document and (re)invent an Italy ignored in official accounts, an Italy excluded from the sphere of representations accepted by power and that risks dissapearing due to contemporary evolutions: the children from the borgate (working-class neighborhoods), these young people with “desperate vitality” (Pasolini) that live in the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Rome, or in the south of Italy, with its archaic traditions – like the dirges of Stendalì.

Cecilia Mangini is an Italian photographer and filmmaker born during Fascism, who works and lives in Rome. Her work and political commitment, is based on a full awareness of the power of images and their manipulation – the power to conceal reality as well as reveal it.

Anne-Violaine Houcke is a researcher in the history, theory and aesthetics of cinema. She won the Premio Pasolini in 2013 for her research on Pasolini. As a fellow at Villa Medici (2015-2016), she is investigating the photographic and film work of Cecilia Mangini.

Paolo Pisanelli is director (Roma A. D. 999, Ju tarramutu, Buongiorno Taranto) and artistic director of the Festa di Cinema del Reale at Specchia (Province of Lecce).

Screening and meeting organized and moderated by Anne-Violaine Houcke. We would like to thank Archivio Cinema del Reale, Big Sur, OfficinaVisioni and Films de Femmes for providing free access to subtitles

Villa Medici – Viale Trinità dei Monti, 1 00187 – Roma
Thursday 14 April 2016, 7pm