Salve by Thomas Kratz and Gianni Ferrero Merlino at Giorgio Galotti Gallery in Turin


Salve, the first solo show  by berlin based artist Thomas Kratz with Giorgio Galotti Gallery in Turin. It features new works including two large abstract paintings titled Salve and two smaller paintings on canvas, titled Art Rest 1. and Art Rest 2. Developing his practice, Kratz emphasizes the physical gesture of his artworks, combining the environment and the architecture of the place where his work is shown. A magenta column and a light pink wall complete the project here showcased, where the space turn into a pictorial atmosphere, inspired or defined by colors. The animation in a three- dimensional scale and its choreographic set-up gives to the paintings a peculiar overview.

With his last production, Kratz artworks appear more minimal, abstract and occasionally monochromatic. He works across a variety of media, including painting and performance art and, on this occasion, minimal gestures leave their traditions of figuration as well as their convention of abstract painting behind. His works operate outside the modern thinking, engaging instead with a rather speculative, nonhierarchical and hybrid approach. Kratz considers painting as part of a dynamic network of material and immaterial agents.


Gianni Ferrero Merlino’s practice focuses on the subject of deconstruction and reconstruction. Beginning by “deleting” his images with a black layer that renders them unrecognisable he then works rigorously in the darkroom, using lights as an architect might do, to unmask pieces of the picture, eventually revealing and designing a rebuilt image. Through this process Merlino uses the geometrics that define his subjects as the basic drawing tools to invent and conceive new images that aspire to a clear and hard realism of form and production.

Through his complex and geometrically rigid darkroom processes his photographs, like an abstract picture, reveal a surface in visual argument with one another that cut and point, drawing in and enveloping the viewer and creating a new relation between performer and spectator.

For his presentation in Alley Platform, Merlino will make suggestions to these scenes, recreating his darkroom-world in the gallery space.

Alley is a project room devoted to Italian artists, invited by international platforms

Stills is a centre for photography based in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Giorgio Galotti Gallery – Via Arnaldo da Brescia 39 10134 Torino (IT)
18 April – 31 May 2016