SubBrixia Intervention IV: Elisabetta Benassi for Vittoria in Brescia

The SubBrixia project, the underground art metropolitan in Brescia, is moving towards the final stage, with the intervention – Ordine e Disordine (Order and Disorder) by artist Elisabetta Benassi  – which will open at the Vittoria metro stop at 6:30pm tonight in Brescia.

Beginning in October last year, the project SubBrixia curated by NERO and created and produced by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Brescia Mobilità in collaboration with the Comune di Brescia continues the course set out by hosting a second sound work.

So far three distinguished Italian artists have worked in Brescia, creating site-specific works in the modern metro. The works made so far are: Marcello Maloberti (Stazione); Francesco Fonassi (Ospedale); Rä di Martino (Marconi). To these sound installation by Elisabetta Benassi has been added in the heart of the city, in the Piazza della Vittoria stop, that as well as being one of the main squares of Brescia, is a symbol of modernist  fascist architecture that contrasts with the historic fabric of the city.

The square, with the torre civica designed by Marcello Piacentini, was conceived as a symbol of the new Italian identity. The tower of the revolution has, for over eighty years, been one of the city’s landmarks. On the two sides of the tower, angled clock with the numbers drawn in the typical character of Fascism can be scene.

“For her intervention in the Vittoria metro stop Benassi has chosen to address through sounds (as opposed the visuals of Piacentini) the theme of time numbers and their combinations as well as the concept of order and entropy.”
At every hour of the day you will hear a sequence of phrases transmitted through the audio broadcasting of the metropolitan system. Assertions, “sung” as if  they were “slogans” or adds, are all taken from the works of Italian artist Alighiero Boetti. They are an indirect tribute to the artist who more than anyone else brought forward ironic and conceptual research on the concept of time, chance and necessity, as well as order and disorder. The Boetti titles are an important key to understanding the artist’s thoughts as well insofar as they correspond with the recurring themes in her works. Sometimes it is the words and their letters which are the exclusive subject of the work. Decontextualized and pronounced in the public space of a city, the phrases will resonate in unexpected manner, triggering questions and fueling the imagination of passers-by. The programming of the sentences will be led by software designed by the artist installed in the control center of the station. According to an always different and almost infinite combination, the work will thus act as unpredictable sound clock.

Elisabetta Benassi (1966) lives and works in Roma. In the last 15 years she has exhibited in important public and private institutions at an international level.
Personal exhibitions (selection):
Jousse Enterprise, Paris (2015); CRAC Alsace, Alsace (2014); Fondazione Merz, Turin (2013); Magazzino d’Arte Moderna (2010); Museo Man, Nuoro (2007); MACRO, Rome (2004); Massimo de Carlo, Milan (2001).
Group exhibitions (selezione):
Padiglione Belgio, 56 Biennale di Venezia (2015); Padiglione Italia, 55 Biennale di Venezia (2013); Illuminazioni, 54 Biennale di Venezia (2011); Manifesta 4 (2002); II Berlin Biennale (2001).

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Inauguration  – Thursday 21 April 2016 at 6:30pm

Note: The installation can be visited from 21 April until December 2016.