Se in un’isola c’è un gran sasso nero at CRIPTA747 in Turin

Se in un’isola c’è un gran sasso nero is the first exhibition at CRIPTA747‘s  new venue at Variante Bunker, via Quittengo 41 Bis, Turin. It includes works by Judith Hopf, Július Koller, Rasmus Nilausen and Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio.

“If there is a black rock on an island, and if all people on the island have come to believe – through elaborate experiences and intensive use of persuasion – that the rock is white, the rock is still black and those people are idiots.”

Thinking about this proposition of Paolo Bozzi Cripta747 questioned the nature of a circumstance: the opening of a new exhibition space. This event becomes the excuse to explain the development and the role that experiences translated into space have within a community and the art system.

In the exhibition irony is intended as a filter through which watching reality, indispensable medium of understanding and aesthetic production. At the same time social context, in its dual aspects, are questioned, transforming the opening of an exhibition space into a sort of witty artifice that presents reality as sharp as futile nonsense.

Curatorial practice and dry wit are here used as a rhetoric means to interpret and rethink the experience, encouraging the viewer to reflect, with sense of humor, about what the narrative leaves as a failed connection, dissembling the critique behind the complicity established in the sharing of an ironic subtext.

The illusory narrative simplicity plays a liberating role, without moral judgment, that defines both the attitude of the artists involved in the exhibition and the tragicomic aspect of everyday life. The final result is a dialectical expedient, a collective landscape of citations, autobiographical and documentary notes, a social analysis in which the system of relations is precisely revealed through the artist’s practice.

CRIPTA747 – via Quittengo 41 Bis – Torino
6– 28 May, 2016