Briser le Glace 25 at Magasin in Grenoble

The Wonderful World of Abstraction, Västerås Konstmuseum, Jacob Dahlgren


The summer exhibition Briser la glace at MAGASIN is curated by the members of the 25th session of the École du MAGASINChen Ben Chetrit, Laura Caraballo, Eleonora Castagna, Chloé Curci, Giulia Pagnetti and Armance Rougiron.

The exhibition is a reaction to the specific context of the art center itself, MAGASIN. The show is an act of letting the audiences inhabit the art center and live it through the use of a distinctive scenography. The exhibition has been conceived as a dynamic space, presenting aspects of everyday life in dialogue with works of art.

A plural environment, containing a collection of functions and moments, hosts simultaneously audiences and art pieces. The exhibited art pieces tell the story of everyday life through active participation from an ironic, critical or ludicrous point of view.
The functional spaces provide a series of support structures for an active use. These several spaces, spread around the art center, enable the visitors to use it to dialog, share, play, relax, work, read, garden…

The core of the exhibition, conceived as an amphitheater, will present a public program of talks, conferences, projections and performances that will contribute to enrich the exhibition itself.

The statement of this proposition is to present a certain mechanism which will transform an indifferent site into an accessible space full of life and possibilities. The works of art, coming from different and several context (public and private collections, interventions, site specific), will be articulated together as an invitation for the audience to take over the art center and to participate by having an intimate experience as much as moments of possible sharing and exchange.

The idea is to open up the barriers between the audiences and the contemporary art.

Selected pieces concretize the will to generate an interactive experience: dreamy and captivating video installations, kinetic assemblages, interactive and playful display, ways of new appropriation of pop culture and mass media, flashes of wit and sense of humor. Among those works, there will be also a new production: a site specific installation made by vegetal elements which will be in constant evolution.

Briser la glace (in English : Breaking the ice) supports exchanging knowledge and interdisciplinarity in order to reduce the audiences’ inhibition towards contemporary art.

Invited artists: Jacob Dalhgren, Goofy Press, Emmanuel Louisgrand, Pipilotti Rist

Centre National d’Art Contemporain
Site Bouchayer-Viallet8 esplanade Andry-Farcy
38000 Grenoble

Opening Saturday 28 May, 6pm
29 May – 4 September, 2016