Amici by Lukas Wassmann at Riviera / Istituto Svizzero in Milano

For his first solo show since 2008, RIVIERA invited Lukas Wassmann to reflect on his work as a contemporary photographer operating across fashion, advertising, editorial, and personal fine-art projects. True to his straightforward, honest, and inherently humorous style, Wassmann responded by exploring an unexpectedly personal angle, looking at his own everyday life and friends—or, perhaps better, amici. The skillful installation of the pictures offers a privileged point of view, highlighting Wassmann’s desire to capture the moment and those living it with and around him.

For four months the exhibition space of Istituto Svizzero in Milan will be inhabited by the bookshop RIVIERA. Here the time and space of exhibitions and reading will cross, contaminate and interfere with one another.
RIVIERA is a place made of many trajectories and possible histories, addressed each time through a precise selection of books and exhibitions connected with design, fashion and the visual arts.

RIVIERA is a temporary bookshop whose stock will increase over time. It is the pivot of a versatile program punctuated by various events: book launches, talks, performances, sales, long-term exhibitions.
Riviera is a project where the book takes center stage: as object, content, form, pretext, fixation, collection, curiosity, mirror, obstacle, mirage.

The display by Matilde Cassani, a gently sloping structure, offers an infrastructure for publications, works and visitors, as well as a landscape that ebbs and flows, assuming the function of a display fixture or a stage, depending on the different events.

Riviera – Istituto Svizzero via Vecchio Politecnico 3 2012 Milano
19 May – 24 June, 2016 (2pm-6pm)