THINK / NEON MULTIPLES by Maurizio Nannucci at COLLI independent art gallery in Rome

COLLI independent art gallery, an exhibition and editorial research space in Rome, presents the exhibition THINK / NEON MULTIPLES by Maurizio Nannucci. It has been realized for the occasion of the the publication of ED/ MN – catalogue of all the artist’s editions and multiples (1967-2016..), published by Viaindustriae with COLLI publishing platform.

The exhibition focuses upon multiple neon works by Nannucci, from the early Seventies, such as Asred, Quasi infinito and  Out of the blu, to the latest works, Look and Listen to your eyes, and THINK, specifically created for this exhibition. It is the first time that the artist gathers and presents the entire collection of his “neon multiples,” mostly published by/for institutions and museums such as the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, the Kunstverein in Cologne and in Frankfurt.

The recent retrospective exhibition of Nannucci at Maxxi in Rome has already pointed out that the editions and multiples are a central component of his work, which starting from concrete poetry and conceptual experience has opened up to a wider reflection, placing itself in dialogue with public and private spaces, leading to the development new research perspectives and new horizons for reflection. Research around  the reproducibility of the work of art has been important for the artist, gradually opening to a new and democratic dimension – disseminated and “multiplied.” On this basis and these issues comes a “corpus” of over three hundred editions of artists’ books, multiples, records, posters, prints, photographs, ephemera, audiovisual and neon documenting various periods of his outstanding research which is highly relevant in the contemporary international art scene. This plurality of media is about an integrated artistic practice and interdisciplinary creativity ranging from multiplication fields and disciplines, overcoming the separation and existing hierarchies between the various media.

THINK / NEON MULTIPLES will be open until July 30th and can also be visited at night time, looking through the window.

COLLI independent art gallery – Via di Monserrato, 40 00186, Roma, Italia
Opening Thursday 9 June, 6:30pm
9 June – 3 July 2016