Modern Geographies (Laboratorio del Dubbio VI) in Turin

Cristian Chironi, My house is a Le Corbusier (Appartment 50 – Unité d’habitation), 2015, Marsiglia. Courtesy of the artist and Fondation Le Corbusier.


ll Laboratorio del Dubbio (“The Laboratory of Doubt”) – conceived by Sara Enrico, Ruben Levi, Gianluigi Ricuperati, Marco Rainò and Elisa Sighicelliinvolves seven months of cross-disciplinary experiments in Turin.

In the evening, before falling asleep, we thought about a new type of art space. But then, at night, all the things we dreamt were antidotes, capable of embedding an amethyst of uncertainties into the forehead of certainties: a laboratory of doubt, to use the expression applied by Carsten Höller as the title of a splendid work. Cultivating doubt today means granting expression to the production of the most intelligible meaning, instead of the production of the most profitable sign.

The laboratory of doubt is a timed experience, situation in a co-working space, not coincidentally near Casa Jasmina, and the Italian headquarters of Arduino: the new productive heart of Turin. It is a space marked by time: seven months, seven projects by artists, accompanied by writers authors scientists musicians and scholars who compose dialectical texts around the meaning and weight and pertinence of the works: exhibitions, open studios, lectures, dialogues, concerts.

The laboratory of doubt is a generator of very human relations, a multiplier of actions capable of responding: the rather injudicious crossing between a residency and a salon, in which the invited artists can work, install, interact with visitors and the unavowable community of all those who will want to understand and discuss: an accessible and unprotected “gallery,” in the theatrical sense of the term.

The laboratory of doubt is driven by an idiosyncratic and dialoguing “band apart:” a scientist, an architect, two artists and one writer.

In the laboratory of doubt everything should be different from what it could be, and everything will have to be challenged – everything except the ability to raise new questions.

Modern Georgraphies

Involves a two-day program of collective reflections on the theme of Modernity; projects, deductions, hypotheses, chronicles and interpretations of a complex, intense cultural condition.

Monday 4 July 2016

6:30pm – 9:30pm
Open studio Cristian Chironi 

Cristian Chironi in conversation with Giangavino Pazzola

Open debate around the project My house is a Le Corbusier, video screenings and presentation of the book Broken English/My House is a Le Corbusier published by NERO.

For the Venice Architecture Biennale he directed, Rem Koolhaas asked the question: “How and in what form have we absorbed modernity?” Invited by Laboratorio del Dubbio to focus on the theme of the Modern (or Modernity, or Modernism), Cristian Chironi begins with a line of research that opens with the project My House is a Le Corbusier, and with recent habitation experiences inside structures created by the Swiss architect, to bear direct witness to the experience of a new way of living in the contemporary world. Through active presence at Laboratorio del Dubbio and in the city, the installation of a sample of works in space and a public encounter, curated by Giangavino Pazzola, Chironi implements a narrative device capable of including and welcoming the viewer into his experience, making an otherwise precluded architectural and cultural legacy accessible.

My House is a Le Corbusier is a work spread across time and space, an experimental work in progress, a construction site of ideas and research, education and inclusion, as well as a diffuse residency inside the works of Le Corbusier.

Visit Chironi’s website here.

Tuesday 5 July 2016

6:30pm – 9:30pm
Opening and group installation of CAMPO Modern Times, Modern Love and special guests

CAMPO in conversation with Marco Rainò
Round table with guests and video screenings

Campo, Roma, 2016. Photo by Gianfranco Bombaci.


Modernity, more than a (concluded?) historical period, is a cultural condition that has a more or less conscious impact on those who live in the contemporary world.

Laboratory of doubt invites CAMPO to directly come to grips with this theme, starting with the “domain” of architecture – theoretical and practical –– to explore other disciplinary territories. The dialogue is accompanied by the invention and production of a visual installation that besides presenting the precious path of research and analysis conducted to date by CAMPO in the spaces of its operative headquarters in Rome in an unprecedented “synthetic formula,” also sets out to stimulate the production of ulterior connections and knowledge.

The installations will remain on view in the space of Laboratory of doubt until 15 July 2016, by appointment.

Laboratorio del Dubbio – via Egeo 18, Turin
Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July 2016, 6:30-9:30pm