Spring 2016 by Timothée Calame at Weiss Falk in Basel

Spring 2016, a solo show by Timothée Calame is currently showing at Weiss Falk in Basel.

your wars, our deaths our wars, your deaths your wars, your deaths our wars, our deaths

pre-arson I wanted to know how to burn down their suitcases-strollers-locks

You say, surveillance depends on the attention you pay to it. Over there, there are three men drinking their coffees without watching the people walk by. They talk about what they can remember. You – about what you don‘t know. You are submitted to what you believe you‘re not saying when speaking.

Don‘t ever stop preparing. Injustice is in our bellies. Talk to your neighbors, the baker, children throwing stones and only dwell on stray dogs. Your problem is or- der. Exhaust yourself. Leave the others stutter the beginning. They freeze all me- ans. It is dramatic. Nothing has already started. Everything occurs continuously.

They haven‘t really seen. That, nothing transforms itself, everything gets lost, or everything gets taken away.

Categorizing absolutely. Otherwise, they won‘t be able to loose anything. And us, take anything.

We are illegal but legitimate. In our rude manners, your barbarism.


Weiss Falk – Rebgasse 27 CH-4058 Basel
4 June – 30 July 2016