HELICOTREMA 5 at World Breakers – Centrale Fies, Dro

NERO renews the longterm partnership with Helicotrema, providing an exclusive preview of four audio pieces that will be presented during the festival. The fifth edition of Helicotrema will take place from 28 to 30 July 2016 at Centrale Fies, Dro (TN) for World Breakers, the XXXVI edition of Drodesera. 

Curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio, Helicotrema is a festival dedicated to recorded audio pieces and borrows the format of the film festival, replacing the film screening with a program of listening sessions.

The aims of the festival are to investigate different forms of collective listening, inspired by the early decades of radio broadcasts, and to create site-specific listening situations, experimenting with how the listening experience can be enriched by and adapted to different contexts.

Helicotrema, whose first four editions took place in Venice, Rome and Milan, this year will premiere at Centrale Fies and then travel to different cities in Italy.

For Centrale Fies, Helicotrema will curate a program of listening sessions focused on the audio remains of performative acts. The festival proposes a series of sonic pathways comprising sound works, audio plays, audio documentaries, soundscapes, experimental poetry and various formats based on the acoustic component.



Simona Barbera – If I just laid down
2016 – excerpt of 8′ (from the original track of 1 hour) 

Through appropriation, sampling and repetition, the work is a sensitive account of vulnerability, territorial presence and teen tension, in an actual condition of subaltern defense. The sound piece contains domestic field recordings, lyrics, pitched-down tunes, and altered audio samples by young aspiring rappers and musicians – youths dealing with music – some of them recently died by exploratory drug use or shot by police on the outskirts of a ‘bad’ neighborhood. Each sample is blended and distorted through divergent sonic juxtapositions. A series of lo-fi sonic findings, spoken words distributed online by savvy communities are added to the track and reconstructed in a set of frequencies, merged and condensed, disclosing a further bodily involvement and amplification of background noise, body movements, broken acapella voices, breathings, reversed samples.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Arithmetic of Distance
2011-2015 – 5′ 24” 

“The work stems from my fascination as well as disillusionment with Europe, through coming to know its superiority complex, narrow rational structures and spiritual emptiness, besides its vast resource of celebration in artistic imagination, cultural aggressiveness and material pursuits. The raw materials of this series of works are the recordings made during my stays in various parts of Europe, namely in Florence, Aarhus, Berlin, Copenhagen, Graz, Brussels, London (which is Europe no more) and so forth. The material of this particular piece was recorded in Florence, and originally composed in Bangor University, North Wales, in 2011 when I was an artist in residence at the school of music. The piece later went through a number of (re)mixes, finally last year (2015) I came up with a definitive version, which will be presented at Helicotrema 2016. The idea behind the piece is the simultaneously engaged and disengaged situations within which I, over these years, have come to experience Europe as a great psychogeographic notion rather than a fractured landscape with a disintegrating conscience. As a cluster of nations it might be failing miserably, but as a noble concept it will survive I believe, and that is my message.” – B. C.

Viv Corringham – Silicon Valley Nightmare
2015 – 9′ 43” 

Silicon Valley Nightmare is one of my Shadow-walks series. All the recordings used in it were made during a month-long composer residency at Montalvo, California, close to Silicon Valley. The young woman that you hear speaking took me on her special walk, which starts on the Google campus where she works. I was fascinated by her ambivalence towards the company and her description of a nightmare where Google runs the world and creates 2 classes of people: the Googlers and the non-Googlers. I then sang my response to her walk and later collaged her words, the sounds of the environment, and my singing together to make this piece.” – V. C.

Roberto Fassone – Take Me Down To Paradise City
2016 – 3′ 16”

The piece is a monologue of similar length to a song. The monologue consists of a recombination of musical texts of the past 40 years, ranging from pop to heavy metal, from rock to rap.
A song without music, a story obtained from other stories.

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