A very serious pic-nic in No Man’s Land by Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle

Photo by Gino di Paolo


A new NOW meeting will take place 2 and 3 September 2016, as an anticipation of a workshop to be held in Vigne Museum. It is open to everybody but you have to play!

“We are free. You choose your limits.” says Yona Friedman concerning No Man’s Landand the concept of limit. The starting idea of the meeting was born from this sentence. The aim is to discuss the concept of border as a limit of physical spaces and disciplinary fields. NOW intends to blur the boundaries between art, architecture and cross the limits that confine all of us in a specific field. This encounter will be held in No Man’s Land, a private territory donated to the community, without borders, open to everyone.

“No Man’s Land belongs to everybody.” Y. F.

NOW staff and participants will spend the night inside the site-specific installation No Man’s Land, inside the stone tapestry by Friedman/Decavéle. A territory without boundaries is a representative place for an artistic nomadic generation.

The purpose is to create a conceptual No Man’s Land, fertile for planting and growing new ideas and collaborations. The overcoming of a defined territory will be supported by the use of the Internet linking different countries in the same place, creating a juxtaposition between new technologies and the natural environment. The virtual round table will take place at Spazio Di Paolo, an interdisciplinary space that mixes arts, photography, packaging design, food and beverage marketing.


2 September 2016, 12.00pm – 4:30pm
No Man’s Land – Contrada Rotacesta, Loreto Aprutino (PE)
The first day will be held at No Man’s Land with the participation of:
NOW members / Zerynthia Contemporary Art Association /different architectural and artistic realities/ students and professors of the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila / students and professors of the faculty of Architecture of Pescara / students and professors of Art High Schools in Pescara.
The work of Friedman and Decavèle will be explored.
NOW staff and participants will spend the night inside the intervention in No Man’s Land, inside the stone tapestry by Friedman/Decavéle.
It is open to everybody. If you plan on staying the night, bring camping equipment!

3 September 2016, 10am – 1:30pm
Spazio Di Paolo – Viale Europa 129/E, Spoltore (PE).

On the second day, a round table will be held at Spazio Di Paolo. It will be focused on the discussion of the results of the first day, amplifying the conversation with physical and virtual contributions from:

- The institutions part of the NOW network
- The institutions taking part of the project “Montagne de Venise” by Friedman/Decavèle in Venice
- Artists who work with the concept of limit
- New guests interested in the interaction of the different fields – Academics from local art and architecture institutions

The round table will be broadcasted live on RAM radioartemobile on 3 September 2016 and will be part of a special episode of NOW Radio, the weekly program of NOW on-air every Thursday at 10pm.