The House of Dust by Alison Knowles at James Gallery (Cuny Graduate Center)

Alison Knowles, The House of Dust, 1970. Courtesy Alison Knowles and James Fuentes, NY.


Alison Knowles‘s computerized poem of 1967, The House of Dust, her subsequent built structures of the same name and the many works it generated are the focus of this presentation. Documentation of Knowles’s poem and built structures, discussions, publications, and performances are presented in dialogue with other artworks from the period—predominantly by Knowles and other Fluxus artists — exploring the nexus of art, poetry, technology and architecture in ways that resonate with The House of Dust.

In addition, her prescient yet under-recognized project has been an inspiration for contemporary artists’ and architects’ responsive artworks and spatial interpretations included in the exhibition. Reactivating the pedagogical model proposed by The House of Dust, this project is the outcome of collaboration between artists and scholars.

Curators: Katherine Carl, Maud Jacquin and Sébastien Pluot.

Artists: Alison Knowles and Chloë Bass, Keren Benbenisty, Jérémie Bennequin, Hugo Brégeau, George Brecht, John Cage, Alejandro Cesarco, Jagna Ciuchta, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Mark Geffriaud, Beatrice Gibson, Eugen Gomringer, Dan Graham, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Allan Kaprow, Katarzyna Krakowiak, Nicholas Knight, Mikko Kuorinki, Alan Michelson, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Jenny Perlin, Nina Safainia, Mieko Shiomi, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Emmett Williams and more.

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Thursday, September 15, 6:30pm
From House of Dust to Antitrust
Lucy Hunter, Rachel Valinsky, Ian Wallace

Tuesday, September 20, 6:30pm
Experimental Pedagogy and Games on the (Pacific) Coasts
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Gather the house around the table
Chloë Bass

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A House of Sound and Sense
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Dwelling, Dislocation and the Digital
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Tomorrow, Life will be Housed in Poetry
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Friday, October 14, 2pm
Scales of Visibility in Global Indigenous Art
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Flow by Maria Hupfield
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Friday, October 14, 7:30pm
Entropic Scores
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On Twilight Arc, Crippled Symmetries and Performance for a Rich Man
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Cleaning Up New York City in the 1960s and 1970s
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Flux-Homes for America: Architecture, Publication, Intermedia
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Thursday, October 27, 6:30pm
House of Dust: Against the Grain of Technology
Julia Robinson, Zabet Patterson

The James Gallery
(The Graduate Center, CUNY)
365 Fifth Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets
New York, NY 10016

8 September – 29 October, 2016
Opening: 7 September, 6-8pm