Jonatah Manno at CRIPTA747 in Turin

Jonatah Manno, A thousand thousand slimy things, 2015

Cripta747 presents In una stanza, disabitata d’inverno, decorata da macchie di muffa e salmastro, sul pavimento in ceramica industriale, la testa di Giano Bifronte, first solo show of Jonatah Manno in Turin and part of the Residency Programme that inaugurates the new season at the venue in Via Quittengo 41/b. Manno’s research develops working methodologies that include the study of traditional symbolisms in esoteric and theosophical spheres, anthropology as a holistic system of interaction between man and the surrounding environment, he also focuses on the multiple value of the materials. The work is made up through the use of chemical elements such as sulfur, salt, mercury, and industrial products, polymeric matters and concretes. It is understood as an open symbol and sum of materials, a dialogic platform liable to infinite meanings which stops only with the interpretation of the viewer. As an artist in residence Manno will have the opportunity to deal with the spaces that host him to carry on a reflection ideally comparing two distant places: the physical and present rooms of the gallery, capable of influencing the participatory experience and the fruition, and the timeless space of the south Adriatic coast, where the artist lives and works.

Curated by CRIPTA747 with a text by Caterina Riva.

CRIPTA747 – via Quittengo 41 BIS – Torino, Italia
Opening 30 September 2016, 6.30pm
1 – 29 October 2016