Montecristo Project + Tonino Casula at Colli Independent Art Gallery, Rome

Montecristo Project, Models of display, 2016, Sardegna


Colli independent Art Gallery presents the third project room dedicated to emerging artists titled: Models of display – Tonino Casula (our most beloved techno-archaic artist), an exhibition project of Montecristo Project with the participation of Tonino Casula and curated by Daniela Cotimbo.

As the direct result of Occhio Riflesso, Montecristo Project was created by artists Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau with the partecipation of other artists involved in exhibitions organized, designed and curated by the Sardinian duo.

Occhio Riflesso emerged from the recognition of the need to linger on the manner of fruition of exhibitions, and in particular on the identification of a common language related to the physical presentation and the photographic documentation of artworks. Montecristo Project instead brings into play this analysis through the construction of events, in which the protagonists are artists chosen according to the interest, or in some cases the lack of interest, from the audience and the critics.

The project takes its name from the namesake Dumas’ novel, in virtue of its particular location. Montecristo Project exhibitions are set up on a deserted island along the  Sardinian coasts. The secret location, a Spanish watchtower of seventeenth century renovated during the Second World War for defensive purpose, allows the artists to spread the exhibitions through materials created expressly with this documentary purpose.

Currently in its second exhibition, the island hosts the solo show of the Sardinian artist Tonino Casula (born 1931) an electronic art pioneer. Well-known thanks to his works and lectures inside the artistic and semiotic academic environment, since the end of eighties, Casula has dropped out of painting to dedicate himself to  “abstract cinema,”,as he likes to define it, pursuing a radical and lonely path.

For the first time Montecristo Project presents an exhibition simultaneously in the island and inside an institutional space: that of Colli Independent Art Gallery in Rome. Through this operation, the roman audience will be able to explore the work of Casula filtered by the eye of the two artists and receive a “guided” vision of what is happening inside the island.

A new unreleased video of Tonino Casula will be presented in the basement of the gallery.

Together with the exhibition, a catalogue in a poster format will present the project realized by Montecristo Project for Casula on the island.

Montecristo Project, Models of display, 2016 installation detail, Sardegna


Montecristo Project, Models of display, 2016, installation overview, Sardegna


Tonino Casula, Enrico Piras, Alessandro Sau, 2015 videoscultura, digital print on hahnemuhle fine art paper, 21 x 29 cm, Sardegna


Montecristo Project, Models of display, 2016, installation overview, Sardegna


Montecristo Project, Models of display, 2016, installation overview, Sardegna


Colli Independent Art Gallery – Via di Monserrato, 40 00186, Roma, Italy
19 November – 15 December 2016
Opening Saturday 19 November, 6pm