Here NERO presents a visual insert by LGG$B (Geneva) on the occasion of the collective’s upcoming exhibition Billion Balances for the Display programme of the forthcoming edition of _\|/_ SPRINT Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon in Milan, curated by Idioletta (Mattia Capelletti e Costanza Candeloro) and opening on Friday 25 November at 6:30pm at Agalma, via Confalonieri 36, intercom 40, Milan.


LGG$B — An all-girl art collective, working on feminist, post-colonial, ecological issues. LGG$B are Gaia Vincensini, Loren Kagny, Giulia Essyad, Sabrina Röthlisberger — lggsb.earth

IDIOLETTA — IDIOLETTA’s concerns are poetry and art. One could say her aim is the advancement of poetry and/in/with art, but “advancement” gives a sense of incumbency, firm advocacy, and linear progress – with which poetry and art actually don’t get along very well. Instead, we favor “compresence”, which gives a sense of concurrency, sympathy, and reception. IDIOLETTA aimed her attention at contemporary American poetry via a performative reading marathon by ten artists on the night of 20th September at O’, Milano. It was weird. Still, she cares about the divulgation of the text through its traditional vehicle: the book and its perversions. At her SPRINT booth you’ll find publications from authors and artists who joined forces with us up until now.