Elena Mazzi at Ex Elettrofonica, Rome

Elena Mazzi, studio per A fragmented world, fotografia (o stampa fotografica), 2015. Courtesy Ex Elettrofonica, Roma.


Notes on Complexity, the first gallery solo exhibition featuring Elena Mazzi following the artist’s participation in the 16th Rome Quadriennale, opens at Ex Elettrofonica in Rome on Wednesday 25 January 2017.

Elena Mazzi’s poetics explore the relationship between man and his surrounding environment, where he lives and which he confronts every day. A search that often takes on an anthropological approach, aimed at analysing an identity that is simultaneously personal and collective. This methodology, which always takes a specific territory into account, determines an exploration that emphasises exchange, analysis of transformations and resilience, all forms that need to be investigated, explored and transmitted.

Notes on Complexity is the title of the exhibition that Elena Mazzi presents in the gallery. It’s a collection of documents and reworkings of the larger A Fragmented World, a project that the artist, along with the filmmaker Sara Tirelli, created from the Theory of fractures analysed by the physicist Bruno Giorgini, who Mazzi is constantly in contact with. The work uses the complex paradigm of the dynamics of fractures, alongside the results of a specific case study regarding morphogenesis and morphodynamics in the volcanic landscape of Etna. The geographical stratification of the Sicilian volcano continuously changes its geography and morphology because of its many different eruptions. The aim of the work is to create a dialogue between pre-existing images, acquired through arcGIS (a system used for map creation and analysis and geographical information management), and new images in motion, in order to capture and compare the change of the landscape. The exhibition will present a video and a series of photo engravings taken from the volcano’s lava fractures, which explore texture, structure, and background of the material of the various layers, using a new colour taken from the lava dust itself each time.

Ex Elettrofonica – Vicolo Sant’Onfrio, 10-11 Rome
Opening Wednesday 25 January 2017, 6.30pm
26 January – 17 March 2017