BRZ5 – Tribute to the Sun

2 February 2017

Tribute to the Sun has been conceived exclusively for NERO Magazine on the occasion of Jumairy’s residency at FARE (Milan) in collaboration with Maraya Art Centre (Sharjah). It is the result of the alchemy between the artist from Dubai and some new friends he made in Milan: Carlo Antonelli, Tomaso De Luca, Anna Franceschini, Sofia A. Ginevra Giannì, Invernomuto, Jacopo Miliani.

Tribute to the Sun is the mirror-home of BRZ5, the final exhibition of the residency program held at Frigoriferi Milanesi. Both are curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.


This is a sun salutation. When summer ends at the end of autumn.
The cloudy light. The Ice Palace.
From the terrace to the sky on a flight of stairs.
Say hi to the fertile season of the desert.
Say hi and dance. Clap your hands and liquify.
Say hi to the book. To the polygons. To the mirror.
Say hi, please take a coffee.
Say hi and pray. Stay high. Workout!
Say hi to the cruise. Say hi to the palms.
Say hi. It’s your goodbye.
Say hi to the screen.
Say hi, don’t cry!
hi hi hi





01. Jumairy, Pour the coffee ( صب†القهوة†), performance, coffee pots, cups, 2016 (detail). Photo Anna Pfeiffer | 02. Invernomuto, Movimenti Versus l’Altro, collage, 82x82cm, courtesy the artists and Pinksummer, private collection, 2014. Photo Anna Pfeiffer | 03. Jumairy, S/\M in BRZ5, video, 29’25’’, 2016 (excerpt) | 04. Carlo Antonelli, Formation loop, audiotrack, 7’’loop, 2016
 | 05. Tribute to the sun. Text by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi | 06. Anna Franceschini, Copacabana Palace, video, 8’40’’, courtesy the artist and Vistamare Gallery, 2015 (excerpt) | 07. Tomaso De Luca, Virile, paper, rubber, fake pearls, stickers, gouache, variable dimensions, courtesy of the artist and Monitor Gallery, 2016 (installation view) | 08. Sofia Ginevra Giannì, SAGG Demonstration – workout, video, 3’48’’, 2016 | 09. Jumairy, 12:15:16, audio track, 10’3’’, 2016 | 10. Jumairy, One last prayer, distressed prayer mat, hand dyed, 2016 | 11. Jacopo Miliani, Your boss has given you this factory what do you think?, performed artist book, courtesy the artist and Self Pleasure Publishing. Photo Anna Pfeiffer | 12. Jacopo Miliani, Your boss has given your this factory what do you think?, artist book, courtesy the artist and Self Pleasure Publishing. Introduction by João Laia | 13. Jumairy, Body, smartphone, wax, wood, fabric, 2016 (installation view) | 14. Jumairy, Mirror Mirror, dissected poem, 2016