Trigger Party with the collaboration of Xing at Marsèlleria, Milan

On Wednesday 1 March 2017 Marsèlleria will host, in via Privata Rezia 2, Milan, a special edition of the Trigger Parties by Siliqoon, with the participation of XING.

The night is dedicated to the public launch of Live Arts Week VI, that will take place in Bologna from 26 to 29 April: a four-day program, diverse for character and rhythm, which will be deployed in different city spaces and will reactivate for an intense performative marathon the spaces of former Galleria d’Arte Moderna, paying an homage to the International Performance Week which, in 1977, took place there.

The talk will involve Silvia Fanti (Xing), expert of performing arts, Daniele Gasparinetti (Xing), art director, Alvin Spazio and Natalia Trejbalova, authors of the image for this edition, Nico Vascellari, artist invited to realize a special project for the spaces of former GAM. Andrea Magnani (Siliqoon) will participate, as a witness, in the usual formula of Trigger Party.

Portrait of Nico Vascellari.
Photo courtesy of the artist.


Trigger Party #4.
Courtesy of Marsèlleria and Siliqoon


To follow, A Very Reflexive Acid, a foretaste of Bridget Moser’s performative inspiration; the Canadian artist and performer, who was invited in Italy by XING with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Rome/Focus Canada 2017/150°, conceived this piece for Marsèlleria.

Moser’s actions assume multiple forms, shifting unexpectedly among gestures, sounds and dialogues. Her live actions incorporate and move between performative modes, texts, and sound. Seemingly improvised, but in fact carefully scripted, these hybrid works make use of bizarre interactions with everyday inanimate objects (a toilet seat, a coat rack, bath mats, a plunger) to articulate moments of anxiety, impatience, wrath, fury, change, loss, wickedness, and more. Moving between states of criticality, humor, and emotion, the resulting performance is at times entertaining, affective, and bewildering.

Photo: Bridget Moser


Marsèlleria – via Privata Rezia, 2 – Milano
Wednesday 1 March, 6.30-9pm