Bridget Moser, Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder at Raum, Bologna

Photo: Bridget Moser

On Thursday 2 March at 10 pm Xing, presents at Raum, Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder, performance by the Canadian artist Bridget Moser (Italian première). Her singular body of work embraces the specter of failure as a primary aesthetic and conceptual departure point, through performing states of becoming or collapse, and eliciting sensations of being slightly ‘off’ or unreconciled.

Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder is a collection of short works that take on multiple forms and shift unpredictably between performative modes, texts, and sound. Seemingly improvised, but in fact carefully scripted, these hybrid works make use of bizarre interactions with everyday inanimate objects (a toilet seat, a coat rack, bath mats, a plunger) to articulate moments of anxiety, impatience, wrath, fury, change, loss, wickedness, and more. Moving between states of criticality, humour, and emotion, the resulting performance is at times entertaining, affective, and bewildering.

Moments of pathos and humour in Moser’s work arise from the friction between her virtuosity and ineptitude. Moser’s writing is full of disarming turns of phrase and poetic insight (“I’m drowning in a sea of Hamlets! All indecisive and infested with ghosts. And me worst of all”), and her imaginative reconfiguration of simple props is nothing short of thrilling. Moser sees objects like the child who can see a river, say, in an unfurled blue yogamat. (Jordan Tannahill)

Moser remains comfortable with the articulation of meaninglessness, resisting the urge to repeat formulaic narrative arcs. She is meanwhile able to keep us morphing along with her as she shifts between guilty pleasures and sincere research. Her balancing act is maintained through careful choreography (soundtrack, props and actions) and her ability to act as a conduit for all manner of accumulated thoughts and feelings. (Allison Collins)

Raum – via Ca’ Selvatica 4/d Bologna
Thursday 2 March 2017, 10pm