Chiara Camoni at Arcade, London

One sister
Two sisters
with weird whiskers.
Three Furies sisters
in the night resisters.
Four sisters
with an S that whispers.
Five sisters here refers,
were good listeners.
Six sisters,
were horse riders.
Seven sisters
pink fighters.
Eight Sisters
like spiders.
Nine Sisters are blowing
whistles and throwing.
Ten Sister Candelabra

Arcade is currently presenting, Sisters, the first UK solo exhibition of Chiara Camoni.

On the occassion, NERO is also pleased to announce its recent pubblication of Certain things, the first book to present the work of artist Chiara Camoni from the outset until today. It gathers artworks, artist’s writings, and texts commissioned for the occasion—images and voices that can be linked together in a similar way to the stars in a constellation. This system of cross-references highlights recurrent topics and methods in Chiara’s practice: a certain idea of sculpture developed through the alternation of different materials and mediums; the written words that accompany the making of a work, at the same time questioning such making; and Chiara’s propensity to work through informal continuative or casual relationships with the members of what can be called her extended studio.

Arcade – 87 Lever Street, London EC1V 3RA
Preview Thursday 23 April, 6-8pm
24 March – 29 April 2017