Road to Objects: All We Need is Metaphysics at Cripta747, Turin

Speakers: Paolo Tripodi, Vincenzo Santar­cangelo, Chiara Principe

Chair: Clara Madaro

The desire to come back to metaphysics with a realistic account has been referred to as specula­tive turn both in Contemporary Artworld and in Analytic and Continental Philosophies. Philosophy starts again to seek the reality-in-itself. Philosophi­cal Thought and Art try to restore the being or the reality of things that loves to hide from language, routine and even science. As affirmed by Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) – a philosophical pro­gram born in this theoretic milieu – we may touch things-in-themselves only indirectly: we have to become experts of tricks, filters, courtships, games, broken tools, flirts and experiments of truth.

What is going on? Why this come-back to the objects-in-themselves, the desire to play with them? We need to take a step back in History of Philosophy and Art History. During the talk All We Need is Metaphysics we suggest a plural genealogy of this return to metaphysics. Many different theo­retical and factual problems emerged in the con­tinental hermeneutics-oriented philosophy and in the analytical linguistic-oriented philosophy. We will focus on some of these philosophical and artistic issues: from modal logic to ecology. To face up to these problems means to overhang the semanti­cs in the garden of metaphysics – that is, to speak again in terms of essences, possible worlds and things-in-themselves.

The talk will also introduce the collective research project called Road to Objects. The project consists of four seminars focused on four Graham Harman’s essays and two reading groups about the notion of ecology as declined by Timothy Morton in his recent books Hyperobjects and Dark Ecology. Road to Objects was born out of the necessity to create a collective experience of reading and analysis, in order to fight the loneliness one must face in inter­preting many theoretical assumptions of the Con­temporary Art World.

Road to Objects is a project curated by Clara Madaro, Chiara Principe and Vincenzo Santarcangelo in partnership with Barriera, Cripta747, CAP10100, PAV, Progetto Dio­gene.

Road to Objects Meets is a satellite project in partnership with Abitare il Minerale (Abi­tare il Minerale is producted by a.titolo in collaboration with Castello di Rivoli, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo as part of “ORA! Linguaggi contempora­nei, produzioni innovative”) and Academy Awards (Academy Awards is produced by Viafarini, Milano). Scientific Partner: Ph.D Consortium of Nor­th-West (Fino, Turin, Genua, Vercelli, Pavia).

Cripta747 – Via Quittengo 41, Turin
Tuesday 21 March 2017, 6pm