Outer Space at FutureDome, Milan

Futurdome is a 1913 building  set in the East-Centre of Milan. The 2000-squared-meters ancient palace, during the Forties of the XX Century has been dwelled by the last living Futurists. Artists meeting there, working together and planning aesthetic interventions on the Liberty architecture.

In 2016, thanks to Isisuf – Istituto Internazionale di Studi sul Futurismo’s support and its archives, the building has been philologically restored and historically requalified.

Moreover, thanks to a direct dialoguing with art specialists and a refined selection of exhibition programs, Futurdome could boast very strict requirements concerning the experimental energy of its living surfaces. Being proactive with contemporary and modern art entities, Futurdome increases the housing and working quality and offers more value to the building itself, preserving and protecting the avant-garde environment too.

Futurdome’s renewal has been planned in order to: enhance its history envisioning the future; to improve the benefits of a high-quality standards of art exhibiting and to preserve the distinction, the integrity of each singular identities involved into its projects.

In order to celebrate its final opening to the city, Isisuf selected nine Italian project spaces: Almanac (Torino), Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio (Bologna), Mega (Milano), Le Dictateur (inside FuturDome), Site Specific (Scicli), T-Space (Milano), Tile Project Space (Milano), Treti Galaxie (Torino) and Ultrastudio (Pescara), asking for interpreting Futurdome’s experimental and dialogic dimensions. The project will feature, for the very first time in Italy, a curated exhibition showing unpublished and site specific artworks within an ancient court, installing a part of whole of the flats. The show, opening on March 27, will be titled Outer Space and it will collect a rare milieu of challenging urgencies, exploring contemporary avant-garde propellers and practices. Moreover Outer Space will open during miart (the annual Milan Art fair), in order to attract experts, professional and international publics.

Thanks to Outer Space, ten Italian emerging project spaces, boasting International references, could challenge a new dimension out of the blue, outside from their own singular, connoting venues, experiencing also a brand new publishing exhibition catalogue.

In the next months, Futurdome is going to represent and to show the transitory state of a building, from a Modern era to Contemporary years, propelled by its records of efficiency and the history of its everlasting elegance. An inspiration for new experimental approaches to ancient architectures.

Futuredome – via Piasiello 6, Milan
Monday 27 March, 6pm-1am