Sound Corner 36: Placetime_sono mix: 41°54’N 12°30’E/ 17.14.01-30


Anna Cestelli Guidi

Tomas Grunskis e Mindaugas Reklaitis
Placetime_sonos: 41°54’N 12°30’E/ 17.14.01-30

Sound Corner is a sound installation in the interstitial space of the architecture of the Auditorium with a periodical monthly schedule where curators, artists and institutions will be invited to propose sound works by artists.

It is a project devoted to sound projection of the particular place and time as a physical phenomenon associated with the production and transmission of the sound itself. Related to locations where the actual sound recording performances are taking place and realized by using Tesla’s Crystal radio device. Placetime_sono mix: 41°54’N 12°30’E/ 17.14.01-30 installation exposes the invisible sound realities of a fixed locations in Vilnius and Rome. The Tesla’s device is modified in such a way that architectural environment and any viewer’s body becomes a part of the performance affecting the sound in a given time and place.
The installation is based on layering technique realized by overlapping regular and stretched sound tracks recorded in different places. The final mix will consist of a composition which uses all the layers of the sound installation:
1st – the Crystal radio sound recorded in Vilnius, Gallery of Architecture;
2nd – the recorded interactive performance in Rome, Sound Corner, during the event on April 6th;
3nd – the stretched track of the 2nd layer, which goes from the live performance on April 6th until the end of the month.
The project questions the possibilities of interplay between sound, architectural environment and visitor in certain time and place conditions. The sound installation works as an environmental condition, which affects interior quality and perception: the space and the people influence the sound, which changes the architectural atmosphere and affects the audience behavior. Observer’s behavior generates new influence for the sound and creates continuous interplay loop between sound, space and viewer, as a performative way to experience place and time.

Tomas Grunskis born in 1972, Kaunas, Lithuania. Master of Architecture, Doctor of Humanities. Author and co-author of two books and over 20 articles. Architect, Assoc. Professor in Vilnius Academy of Arts and VGTU. Curator and co-founder of the Gallery of Architecture “_0*” (to the Power of Zero – Nulinis laipsnis) in Vilnius. Media and sound artist. Performs since 2000.
Mindaugas Reklaitis born in 1983, Kaunas, Lithuania. Architect, a PhD student at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Interested in the critical spatial practice researching on how an interactive and performative artistic approach can be used as architectural environment research and creation tool. Works with interactive, provocative, participatory projects in public space.

Auditorium Parco Della Musica – viale pietro de coubertin 30, Rome
Thursday 6 April 2017, 6-8pm