Nazi Knife Exhibition

8th May – 28 May 2010
via Giovanni Lanza, 162 – Roma

There are many supernatural connections that tie us to this exhibition that we just can’t avoid talking about it. If you are all about the informal things, tomorrow there is the pre party of the event. Here below you can find all the info. And from here you can see a preview of the last issue of Nazi Knife.

Curated by Valerio Mattioli and Massimiliano Bomba.The French publication NAZI KNIFE represents one of the key names of the outsider art of the past decade. Partly a fanzine and partly an artits graphbook, the ‘creature’ of Jonas Delaborde e Hendrik Hegray has published the best of the american and european dessin contemporain: around the Paris based ‘zine condensed a network of artists and illustrators ranging from Mat Brinkman to Shoboshobo, from Mike Diana to Leif Goldberg, from Christopher Forgues to Stephane Prigent; optical abstractions, crooked pen sketches, found photographs, naif recollections and childish Do It Yourself, the pages of NAZI KNIFE represent a manifesto of an extremely active and branched scene, with a geography of names from Paris to New York, from Antwerp to Helsinki, from London to Copenhagen. During the years the artists of NAZI KNIFE have collaborated with publishers like Nieves and had exhibits in the most important centres of contemporary art and in the usual spaces of the european ‘off’ scene as well (Nog Gallery, Motto Berlin, Un Regarde Moderne…). Moreover it is impossible to not mention the bond between NAZI KNIFE and the underground music galaxy, in particular the noise/weird/experimental scene (collaborations with Wolf Eyes, limited edition tape and cassette releases, works carrying the names James Ferraro and Spencer Clark…). From May 8th to the 29th, Motelsalieri will host first italian exhibit of this collective born in Paris four years ago. The two founders Delaborde and Hegray will present the new issue of the paper magazine (now at release number 6), within guest at, the project of “temporary art exhibitions” which has already involved other key names of the world’s outsider culture like Daniel Johnston and David Tibet. The spaces of Motelsalieri will host a collettive exhibit with original works coming from the most known contributors of the ‘zine; among them: Andy Bolus (also known as Evil Moisture and long time collaborator of the transnational collective Le Dernier Cri), Shoboshobo (creative studio with collaborations ranging from the New York Times to global clothing firm H&M), Kérozen (aka Stephane Prigent, the ‘old master’ of French dessin contemporain and founder of Frèderic Magazine), and others. To complete the exhibit, the schedule of the opening on May 8 includes a music performance with Helicoptère Sanglante, and a wall drawing designed especially for the occasion by Delaborde and Hegray themselves. (from Press Release).


Double Event @ Dal Verme / Fanfulla 101


h. 19.00-23.00
Dal Verme – via Luchino dal Verme 8 | Pigneto


Mangianastri & electronics

Homemade & experimental instruments

Hypnagogic new age punk


h. 23.00-2:00
Fanfulla 101 – via Fanfulla da Lodi 101 | Pigneto

Live + Dj sets:

Free-form soundtracks

Wicked drones

Glo-fi/Weird Punk/Witch House & more