Enzo Cucchi at the National Exemplar, New York

Mostra Scomparsa (“Diseappeared Show”) by Enzo Cucchi is currently on display at The National Exemplar Gallery in New York.

We are preparing a work that gives back a form to sacredness, because an art event is not only a formal moment, but something that must be circumscribed precisely because it is sacred.
It is a form of rituality, that prepares one to enter a tribe, and where one finds the baton of command….
The exhibition is not a showcase, but a chance to demand responsibility not only for the whole “art tribe” but also for everyone else. Compared to thought, art has its own sacredness, an added value.
Otherwise art may as well not exist.

- Enzo Cucchi


The National Exemplar – 59 Franklin St.  New York, NY 10013
13 March – 23 April 2017