“Mountains look so beautiful that once you start looking at them you can’t stop. A glance lasts only a moment but it takes part of the whole metamorphosis.”

INTHEMOUNTAINS is an ongoing project by Roman artist Giorgio Orbi (1977), whose research “goes up and down the mountains” since 2008. Today Orbi will launch a website dedicated to the project: a long and unremitting flow that puts together his own personal photographic archive and some of the artworks that he developed within this research

INTHEMOUNTAINS ponders over the role of the artist and of the evolutionary dialogue with the mountain and its landscape; an essential role that welcomes the transformations and mutations of the contemporary mountain. The title of the project comes from “What the Thunder Said” the fifth section of The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot, written in 1922. In his work, Orbi has often related, through different media, with the concept of the mountain as both a natural and cultural “presence.”

Orbi is currently in a residency program granted by Dolomiti Contemporanee, within the Borca Project, where, besides the web platform, he is developing INTHEMOUNTAINS – a documentary film that will put together in a final artwork all his studies and research on the matter.

During this same period, every Monday on Radio Cortina, Orbi airs radio shows where he reads songs, selects music and talks with guests, inviting conversations about the landscape and the mountain.