Federico Tosi at Almanac Inn, Turin

Federico Tosi, Baby (fossil), 2017
concrete, red wax, dirt

Almanac is currently presenting
Federico Tosi’s solo exhibition at its spaces in Turin. Baby is on display until 10 June 2017.

Science began with the stars, where mankind discovered the dominants of the unconscious. Such projections repeat themselves whenever man tries to explore an empty darkness and involuntarily fills it with living figurations.

The dawn before sunrise contains all the colours, like the moulds growing on tropical trees. Their combination is white as the morning light. It opens up possibilities, contains everything and its opposites, like Mercury, male and female, fluid and rocky. They are the primordial opposites that project possibilities of a future, which includes universes in which humanity is already extinct, but its distorted and consumed projections remain. In their darkness the psychic backgrounds of the observer is reflected, their fears, their language.

Gaia does not and could not care about human or other biological beings’ intentions or desires or needs, but Gaia puts into question our very existence, we who have provoked its brutal mutation that threatens both human and nonhuman livable presents and futures.

Human beings seem intent on making as many new fossils as possible as fast as possible. They will be read in the strata of the rocks on the land and under the waters by the geologists of the very near future.*

Baby, it’s imagining planets in the moment of their formation or parallel realities with worlds inhabited only by white butterflies and magnolia.

* Donna Harraway

Federico Tosi, Baby (fossil), 2017. (Detail)


Installation view


Installation view


Federico Tosi, Baby (bones), 2017
carved bone

Federico Tosi, Baby (bones), 2017
carved bone


Photo credit: Sebastiano Pellion
Images courtesy of: the Artist and Almanac (Turin)

Almanac – Via Reggio 13, 10153, Turin, Italy
13 April – 10 June 2017