Nicole Miller at BASE, Florence

BASE / Progetti per l’arte
presents the first Italian solo show of Nicole Miller. Trasmissione is the project specifically conceived by Nicole Miller for BASE that involves the performance of a singer, Verdiana Raw, who will respond, virtually and empathetically, in real time to the video installation The Conductor, composing the exhibition space afresh. The Conductor is a silent video projection made in 2009 by the artist. The subject of the work is an actor who has memorized and is performing a silent “facial ballet”. He mimes the facial gestures of an actual conductor, embodying an idea of transmission through image.

The work leads to the extreme consequences of reinterpreting visual information, provoking a short circuit resulting in an implosion of those aspects of the communication of gestures belonging to the non-visual realm. Who is directing and above all, what is the song? Is it music or is he giving us instructions about something else? For the remainder of the exhibition, the work will live independently as the dialogue between the soundless image and the recording of the vocal performance made during the inauguration. These works are for the artist, two portraits made with different mediums that present two sides of the same coin – the self-representation of identity- as a dialogue and as an element in continuous development, exploring all potentiality.

BASE / Progetti per l’arte – Via Di San Niccolò 18R, Florence
Opening Thursday 4 May 2017, 7pm
5 May – 20 June