Book Launch – 7759. Bodies, Logistics and Labour

Interventions by
Sergio Bologna, Giairo Daghini e Stefan Burger

19th of May 2016, 17.00
Sala Chiamata – CULMV
Piazzale San Benigno
Porto di Genova, Genova

NERO is pleased to invite you to the book presentation of 7759. Bodies, Logistics and Labour within TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit), the contemporary art project developed by ON and DISFOR (Department of Education Sciences of the University of Genoa ). Considering the case of the dockers of Genoa and their long tradition of self-management, 7759. Bodies, Logistics and Labour follows the networks of the port’s labor and its professions, in relation to ongoing evolutions of technology, the construction of giant ships, and the volatility of markets.

The book closely examines the notion of surplus value through logistics, a science capable of altering our way of thinking and our perception of time and space, in the context of the digital era, the dimension of globalization, and how the metropolis challenges our perception of reality, with essays by Sergio Bologna, Giairo Daghini, Helmut Holzapfel, and Barbara Trincone, as well as a conversation with Antonio Benvenuti (Consul of CULMV) and two photographic works by Stefan Burger.

TEU emerges from the desire to explore the transformations that concern the Genoese territory and society beginning from the port – its global connections, the maritime routes and concomitant ramifications. TEU provides a three-day (19-20-21 May 2017) program of meetings, presentations and screenings.

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