Fondazione Lac o Le Mon residencies

For the second year the Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, a not-for-profit center for artistic research, initiated by Emilio Fantin, Luigi Negro, Giancarlo Norese, Cesare Pietroiusti and Luigi Presicce, will host a series of initiatives – workshops, seminars, events, residencies – open for those who want to share knowledges and experiences, time and desires, food and practices, thoughts and places.

2–6 June
On weaving, textures and hyper-text. Craftsmanship and contemporary art
Curated by Arianna Fantin and Giacomo della Maria

Creation of a research group that will explore, either theoretically and practically, the relation between a typical manual practical skill such as weaving, and contemporary art.

21–29 June
Forms, ideas and movement of the body between anthropology, psychology and dance
Curated by Andrea Carlino with Alexandre Roccoli

Memory, weaving and “tarantismo” – the peculiar kind of dancing and socializing mental conditions that was typical of Puglia region – will constitute a field of research and discussion between historians, anthropologists, musicians and choreographers.

1–8 July
On perimeter
Curated by Gian Paolo Renzi

Artistic experiments with the aim of creating an art collection physically located on, and conceptually related to, the almost 500 mt long walls surrounding the Casa Cafausica.

10–23 July
A tribute to the fallen (Omaggio ai caduti)
Curated by Laura Perrone
Contemplation, forms of care, creation of art events dedicated to the more than twenty big trees that were eradicated by a storm that hit the land around the Casa Cafausica in October 2016.

24–30 July
Living. A seminar of observation and reflection on organic co-presence of individuals, plants and other non-human animals
Curated by Corrado Chiatti and Annalisa Zegna

Practices, games, reflections and discussions will try to create a collective process of relating different forms of life. It is about plunging oneself in the environment in order to redesign a map of otherness.

4-6 August
Aesthetics of the imperceptible. Meditation and dream practices for an artistic elaboration of unconscious images
Curated by Emilio Fantin

The workshop will try to conjugate rational way of thinking, typical of the state of being awake, with the irrational, typical of dreaming and sleeping. The attempt is that of going beyond the duality between material and immaterial so to make one the expression of the other; and going beyond the separation between subject and object, towards the condition well expressed by Jean Luc Nancy with the phrase “being singular plural”.
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7–13 August
Unusual stories of forgotten objects. Digging the ground and the imagination
Curated by Giuseppe De Mattia e Chiara Argentino

A digging workshop that looks for abandoned, discarded and forgotten objects in the land surrounding the Casa. Found objects will then become the protagonists of evening discussions, and participants will try to invent new forms of life and a new meaning for them.

16–22 August
Star matters
Curated by Osservatorio ARTURO (Sara Alberani, Samuel Mello)

Three nights awakening on the terrace and gardens of the Casa, looking for a mythopoetic, emotional, philosophical and scientific observation of the night sky. During the day we’ll also look at vaults of ancient churches. Is it possible to invent a new constellation on which we can design our contemporary mythologies?

23–31 agosto
For a minor language, a schizophrenic concoction
Curated by Carolina Rossi Casanovas e Mattia Solari, with Cesare Pietroiusti

Experiments on, with, and at the research of, a minor language. Linguistic expressions, ways of saying, specific words, etymologies and phonetic characteristics will be the field of research of this workshop. A real, physical book might be fabricated in the end.

2–9 settembre
Dionysus, a liquid and multiple divinity (part II) – How to perform “The Bacchae” by Euripides
Curated by Cesare Pietroiusti e Andrea Lanini, with Iacopo Seri and in collaboration with Clelia Viecelli Giannotti

A research group on dionysian rituals and on artistic creation in wine-altered state of mind. An exploration of performative possibilities for a classical theatre text, such as “The Bacchae”. A travel through the characteristic of local, natural wine.

Conditions of Participation for a residency at the Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, summer 2017

The Fondazione will be able to offer to all the guests a basic form of hospitality and the use of basic facilities (shared kitchen, common bathrooms, electricity, water etc.). No travel grants provided. We will provide a certain number of mats and camp beds but, apart from tables and chairs, the house is not furnished. For those who have a tent, it is possible to camp in the park around the house. Better to bring one’s own towels, sheets and sleeping bag.

One of the most important aim of the Fondazione is the complete self-sustainability and the “zero waste” option. Therefore the use of water and electricity will be necessarily limited. To give an example, there will be no washing-machine nor dish-washer.

All the meals will be commonly prepared in the house. Each participant, aside from collaborating in preparing the meals and putting in order the common spaces, is requested to give a small sum of money (15 euros per day) for purchasing food and contribute to basic expenses for the house (cleaning, laundry etc.).

During the period June-September 2017 there will be a program of seminars, workshops, investigation communities, and Cafausic courses. Below follows a calendar. Unless otherwise specified, the participation to seminars and workshops is free. Activities scheduled thus far are being held primarily in Italian. However, as the network of international participants grows, we expect that different programmes will be taking place both in Italian and in English and possibly other languages. It is recommended to participate to the whole duration of the chosen workshop.

Apart from being part of one or more of the activities mentioned above, all the guests are invited to offer their ideas, proposals, suggestions, and vision regarding future initiatives of the Fondazione, and the possibilities offered both from the building and the park around it.
Everyone is invited to bring some material documenting their own research, to be shared with the other participants in different ways, also independently from the scheduled activities.

General info: