Book Presentation – Chiara Camoni Certain Things

On the occasion of GRANPALAZZO’s 3rd Edition NERO will present Certain Things (Sunday May 28, 2017, h 3pm. Sala Bariatinsky, Palazzo Chigi Piazza di Corte, 14 Ariccia –  Roma), the first comprehensive publication about Chiara Camoni’s work from the outset until today. The presentation will include interventions by Lorenzo Balbi, Chiara Camoni, Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni.

Sometimes the expression of thought through visual form becomes a necessity, coinciding with basic needs—albeit very complex. For artist Chiara Camoni, encountering the mystery of creation is a practice as necessary as eating and drinking, or going for a walk on a sunny day. Her works are linked to the idea of flow and fusion with a simple and basic daily dimension in which the current of daily life freezes to a halt and emerges in meaningful and autonomous forms. Chiara’s works can be created just about anywhere, more often than not in her kitchen; at times, with the assistance of friends and relatives who happen to pass by, all members of what can be called her extended studio.

In her home in Tuscany, in the Hills of Versilia, Chiara unceasingly investigates the act of creating, of “sculpting” as the co-existence of form and void; as a gesture always steeped in a relational dimension—one of sharing; as a primary need—because the first sculptures were tools, ornaments, and talismans. Thus were born her Ninesse, female divinities without snakes; her armies of terracotta; and her Sculpture-whistles, which require the hands and breath of a visitor willing to inject them with life. In all her works—sculptures, objects, drawings, books, videos, collaborative projects—and writings, we can experience the relentless transformation of the cosmos. The continuous exchange of energy that accompanies the composing / decomposing / recomposing of molecules in four elements—a process that, at times, can generate disquieting, even if not frightening forms.

Certain things is the first book to present the work of Chiara Camoni from the outset until today. It gathers artworks, the artists’ writings, and texts commissioned for the occasion—images and voices that, following Chiara’s own way of working, can be linked in a similar way to the stars in a constellation.

The book is edited by Cecilia Canziani. It includes texts by Paola Aringes, Luca Bertolo, Bettina Buck, Chiara Camoni, Cecilia Canziani, Davide Ferri, Ilaria Gianni, Antonio Grulli, Ilaria Mariotti, Arabella Natalini, Silvia Perotti, Stefano Velotti.

For more information on the book presentation and GRANPALAZZO 2017 click here.