Drawn Onward – Paul Geelen at Barriera, Turin

On Thursday June 8 from 6pm at Barriera (via Crescentino 25, Turin) the solo exhibition Chance Encounter by artist Paul Geelen will open to the public.
The exhibition is the result of a collaborative project between Progetto Diogene and P/////AKT (Amsterdam) in the context of the exchange program Drawn Onward.

I hadn’t realised that I learned to talk with a weightless tongue. Chris Hadfield – (after returning to earth from space mission) – May, 2013 Nothing is more frightening than not knowing where you’re going, but then again, as nature wants to hide… nothing can be more exciting than finding you’ve arrived somewhere without any clear idea of the route. My research is characterised by a great curiosity and adaptive approach toward a place where mythology, science and religion – but also serendipity related to the smallest amount of thought – merge into the unknown. My installations, sculptural works and interventions attempt to provoke a consciousness that guides you through an ambivalent space for contemplation.

The project Chance Encounter finds its basis both in the evolutionary processes of the species – on how the man is the only animal able to see things retrospectively, tracing back hypotheses – and in The Liver of Piacenza.* It is an object that was used for rituals of divination, because its characteristic glossy and reflective surface allowed to predict and speculate on the future. The latter, in particular, as a cosmic model, has become the point of departure to further develop my ongoing research on the transformative state. Both as a repository of energy and a physical attack on the self, this exchange from distance to relation (one to the other) as a shared paradox and responsibility from devotion, makes my whole practise into one endless rehearsal/or an attempt to try and test the internal belief system from yet another perspective.

*(a life-sized bronze model of a sheep’s liver covered in Etruscan inscriptions, II-I sec. B.C.) Paul Geelen (1983) lives and works in Amsterdam.

Drawn Onward is an exchange project between P/////AKT in Amsterdam (NL) and Progetto Diogene in Turin (IT). Both organisations that operate on a non-for-profit basis, are interested in establishing a dialogue with the artist in order to support and promote his research in the contemporary art filed.

Barriera – via Crescentino 25, Turin
Opening Thursday 8 June, 6pm