FULL FOR IT: Tomaso De Luca & Catherine Parsonage

Full for it: Tomaso De Luca & Catherine Parsonage is the the first exhibition organised by the new Rome-based project Garbo‘s. Opening on Friday 9 June 2017 at 6pm in via dell’Acquedotto Felice 78 Rome, the exhibition has been conceived as a one day show.


don’t remember going downstairs saying sorry or
nevermind just the moment of waking not knowing
if it’s dusk or dawn sweating like a hothouse
flower red & wet & pulled up from under & gasping
teeped & steaming like a teabag & drunk on sleep
& beer & sadness blue & dewy as a hothouse
flower & the white white vodka crouching neat
as a bullet low inside me & burning light
like a living laser & i feed it – milk & bread
& honey & lamb – until i’m sticky as an ant
& shining like a hothouse flower thrumming
with the urgent clag of honey blood across
my chest in uneven lubbing – my vodka
heart trembles like a chihuahua & bruises
break across my skin all purple & yellow
as hothouse flowers & the white hot vodka stars
at dusk & dawn glitter inside me i am beautiful
as a hothouse flower when i turn myself on i light
up in twinkling points between the milky
bones of my ribs & pelvis & all the bulbs
i planted in my fat hot head burst into bright
flowers through my eyes & my teeth bleat
like a lamb & i spark myself up into
a column of coloured light & fire myself
off like a gun going downstairs
to say sorry, nevermind

- Sophie Robinson, February 2017

Garbo‘s is a project based in Rome which aims to create a transversal space, a meeting point, to discuss and explore varied contemporary art practices. Garbo’s intends to stimulate a circulation of ideas between artists, curators, and a wider local audience.