Jonathan Horowitz – “Go Vegan!”

May 9 – June 19, 2010
Gavin Brown’s enterprise
New York

Gavin Brown’s enterprise (GBE) announces the restaging of Jonathan Horowitz’s widely acclaimed 2002 exhibition “Go Vegan!” Originally presented at Greene Naftali Gallery, this major installation work will be updated by the artist using eco friendly materials for a new, very particular site: the former butchery of storied meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda Meats, which stands adjacent to GBE at 601 Washington Street. Opening May 9th, “Go Vegan!” takes the form of a full-scale, multi room environment. The work includes a portrait gallery of more than 200 celebrity vegetarians, from philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson to late comic Andy Kaufman, whose images have been downloaded from the Internet; a gallery of animal portraits; a video installation featuring film footage of Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda Eastman McCartney, as well as footage of commercial animal slaughter; and a Minimalist sculpture of a cube of tofu. By turns violent and comical, the project is a vivid, engaging and forthright attack on complacency. … Horowitz’s project will open with a Green Ribbon-cutting event and reception to mark the transformation of this site from a meatpacking factory to a lab for artmaking and cultural commerce.

The exhibition will remain on view through June 19th.

About ‘Go Vegan!’

With the artist’s signature combination of politics, pathos and humor, Jonathan Horowitz’s “Go Vegan!” explores vegetarianism and sustainability while also hinting at parallel issues that emerge in a world gorging daily upon celebrity and commoditized pop culture. The perceived non-threatening nature of vegetarianism as a subject for political art conceals its potency as a stand-in for other highly charged social issues of our day, ranging from civil rights to war. When one examines the troubling contradictions – astonishing cruelty, environmental and health risks, economic imbalances – involved with the business behind the mass consumption of meat, vegetarianism takes on the urgency of much larger debates. Every year, as the connection between meat consumption and climate change becomes more apparent, the words of Albert Einstein become more and more prophetic: “Nothing will increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

(from press release)