The Four Fiscal Quarters at Machine Project, Los Angeles

Join Machine Project (Los Angeles) on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday June, 25th at 8:00pm for The Four Fiscal Quarters, an anti-capitalist opera that humanizes the cyclical nature of a corporate fiscal year.

Following a crisis in the form of a layoff of 35% of a company, four C-Level officers struggle to hold it together. What kind of identity re-calibration, restructuring, and asset management is required to keep the company productive and successful? What unseen forces gave rise to the layoffs and how will the humanity of its workforce be balanced with the need for efficient productivity?

Note: The opera’s language is mostly in English, though there is heavy usage of fiscal and corporate jargon. Some subtitles will be provided.

Written and Directed by Zut Lorz
Composed by Vasco Cesaretti
Choreography by Caitlin Adams

Jessica Rauch
Sharon Chohi Kim
Micaela Tobin
Elsa Lund

Erin O’Brien
Rebecca Green
Yvonne Lacombe
Tiara Jackson
Autumn Randolph
Jana Capozzoli

Ari Balouzian Viola
Jeremy Welden Jones Viola
April Guthrie Cello
Garret Lang   Double Bass
Sandra Vu   Percussion
Ryan Beal   Keyboard

The opera will be held outdoors in the heart of Pan Pacific Park with BYO picnic seating.