AAVV – A new dvd-r and VHS label


There are magazines you flip through while on the toilet, books that you read before going to sleep and dvds that you can watch in heaven. The new dvd-r and VHS label, AAVV, based in Rome, belongs to the latter category. The first two releases (Harappian Night Recordings e Cadeo), float in a a sea of hallucinogenic found footage, tropical horror, tv totems, 80s cults of the ether, bound with psychedelic auras worthy of the most exotic video experimentations. It’s hard to identify them because these post-tv clouds don’t find place in any real dimension, both domestic and public. Before they would wander anonymously from nowhere, now they are collected in a dvd which becomes a box of memories, dreams and nightmares. Each issue: 10 euros. Orders: aavv.videos@yahoo.com