DJ-Battle: Lippok versus Nicolai – Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

June 9, 2010 – 22:00
Rückspiel. The Return. 4 Turntables – 2 Mixers – 1 Dancefloor – 1 Jury – 1 Price
Robert & Ronald Lippok / Carsten & Olaf Nicolai

See you in Berlin for the final Dj-Battle between Lippok’s and Nicolai’s brothers at Kunsthalle of Berlin. NERO will be there playing some jingles.

During the first match, all traces of reason were shredded in the storm of beats. The DJ-teams of Robert & Ronald Lippok and Carsten & Olaf Nicolai drilled so deep into the bass grooves of their records that the referees neglected their duties and plunged into the canyon of sound, taking the roaring fans of both teams with them. A draw. A scandal. Two winners. This cried out for a return match. The fact that the return battle takes place behind Carsten Nicolai’s facade will only spur the Lippoks on to new heights. May the best mix prevail … (Jan Arthur Joswig)