Giorgio Orbi “INTHEMOUNTAINS Open Studio” at Village Eni, Borca di Cadore (BL)

Tiziano. 2013.
Hd Video. 00:10:00


Is nature a wild space where time is something certain like the fading images on a desktop, the images from the digital folders in our computers, or a familiar place where we are not able to guess the predictability of change?

From October 20 to 22, Giorgio Orbi will open his temporary studio at Villaggio Eni in Borca di Cadore, Veneto. The open studio of INTHEMOUNTAINS will be an opportunity to explore the various aspects of the creation process that led the artist during ten months of residence at the Dolomiti Contemporanee; as well as  an opportunity to see a selection of works that mark a path in continuity with his previous artistic production.

Since 2012 Orbi has regularly visited the Dolomites, with recurring ascents in the Cadore Mountains. The exploration of the Marmarole and Sorapis group is related to the videos Tiziano (2013), belonging to a trilogy about the landscape and its shapes, and Marmarole (2014), as well as the installation Rete da giardino (2014) exhibited in the museum Tiziano Contemporaneo, Fort of Monte Ricco (BL). During those years the artist also discovered the abandoned colony of Eni Village. The experience of mountaineering and mountain excursion in isolation begins to define new boundaries in Orbi’s work: inhospitable nature becomes material that is manipulated by the expansive time of artistic research – a privileged territory in which the artist moves freely, as if in his own studio.

On Sunday October 22, at 2pm, there will aso be a preview of INTHEMOUNTAINS, a in-progress documentary the artist has been working on since December 2016. The documentary integrates different sources and media in a continuous flow, representing the artist’s gaze in the moment of recording the landscape and its transformations. The structure of the documentary has been progressively built through the contributions of an on-air radio program by Radio Cortina – which Orbi has been carrying out in recent months – and the updates of the INTHEMOUNTAINS.COM website – an uninterrupted stream of photographs, archival material and artistic production developed from 2008 to today. The radio – the oldest of the electronic media –  and the web – the most recent – are the respective poles in which the artist moves the landscape view, creating a map of its evolution in which there is always a balance between personal experience and collective memory. According to the artist, the two devices represent the temporal-technological hubs in which the recent history of mountain conquest (150 years of mountaineering) is recorded.

During the open studio participants can also listen to a selection of radio shows from January 2017 to today. The work, installed in a piece of furniture designed by Edoardo Gellner on sound absorbing material, lasts  01:00:00 and is continuously updated.

From January 2017 broadcasters have included:

Alessandro “Jolly” Lamberti (Alpine guide, writer and climbing champion)
Mario Sertori (Alpine guide, ice climber and writer)
Marco Pesatori (Astrologer)
Francesco D’Orazio (Information Designer, founder of Pulsar)
Giovanna Silva (Editor)
Pietro Dal Pra (Alpine guide and mountaineer)
Ester Coen (Art historian and curator)
Luca Lo Pinto (Curator)
Seboo Migone (Artist)
Alessandra Bonomo (Gallery owner)
Alessandro Cicoria (Artist)
Gianluca D’inca Levis (Founder of Dolomiti Contemporanee)
Francesco Casale (Actor)
Vipra & Dj Vatileaks (Musicians)
Luca Gibello (Architectural historian and director of Cantieri d’alta quota)
Quayola (artist)

Rete da giardino. 2014.
Installation, garden nets, Tabacco map “Dolomiti di Auronzo 01” . 110 cm x 110 cm


Rete da giardino. 2017.
Forte di Monte Ricco, Tiziano Contemporaneo. Pieve di Cadore


INTHEMOUNTAINS. 2016 – 2017.
Dolomiti. Single Channel 4k video


The studio is always open to the public.
Reservation is required upon appointment.


Open Studio. October 20-22, 2017. Village Eni, Borca di Cadore (BL)

Every Monday at 10.30am on radio frequencies of Radio Cortina.


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