Jacopo Tomassini “Brain Draining” at Ex Elettrofonica, Rome

Jacopo Tomassini, Untitled (forced), 2017
Courtesy Ex Elettrofonica


Brain Draining, the first gallery solo show of the artist Jacopo Tomassini opens tonight at Ex Elettrofonica. Brain Draining is also the title of the performance taking place during the opening, in which photography dissolves within the architectural space, reflecting the pervasiveness of images and the aggressiveness of visual communication in the contemporary age.

Tomassini works with the photographic image ironically, often perceiving the surface as a sculptural mean. In some cases, he acts on existing photographic subjects as material to be sculpted and deformed; in others, he invents fictional compositions with no apparent reference to reality. In both circumstances, Tomassini selects his subjects from a personal archive of images and daily objects, to shed light on fragments and residues of visual memory.

In addition to the performance–performed by Daniele Natali, a series of photographs will be presented in an exhibition, as result of the constant decontextualisation and recontextualisation process we are daily exposed to. Following the artist’s creative practice, the audience is confronted with forms, objects and elements seemingly unrelated to each other, thus motivated to reject commonplaces in interpretation. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Valerio Del Baglivo.

Jacopo Tomassini lives and works in Rome. He owns a degree is in Cinema History and Criticism and a Master degree from the Fondazione Fotografia Modena. He participated in several collective exhibitions (Service, Festival Fotografia Rome, 2012; Sestante, Fondazione Fotografia Modena, 2015; Twiner #5–La Joie de Vivre, Italian Open, Rome 2017) received visual arts awards (Premio Combat 2015 and Premio Francesco Fabbri 2016) and took part in both national (BocsArt Cosenza 2015) and international (Bucharest AIR 2014) artist residencies. Recently, he has been selected as a participant of the first edition of the 2017/2018 European Photo Based Platform–PARALLEL Program, financed by the European Union. The core of his artistic research is the image in all its possible formal and aesthetic declinations; in its multiple social and political implications: the image in its constant regeneration and remediation.


Jacopo Tomassini, Untitled (Protection), 2017
Courtesy Ex Elettrofonica


Jacopo Tomassini
Brain Draining
Opening and performance 11 December 2017, 6:30pm

12 December 2017–23 January 2018

Ex Elettrofonica | Vicolo di Sant’Onofrio 10, Rome
Opening times: Tue–Fri, 3–7pm; Saturday and Monday open by appointment
+39 06 64760163