Tonight Book Launch Journal A3 + music & barbecue at ISR – July 19 – h 19.00/24.00

Journal A3 is the result of the workshop organized by 2009-2010 members of Swiss Institute in Rome, published in collaboration with NERO.

TONIGHT join us for a barbecue night + live of Bobsleigh BabyMassimiliano Bomba and Diego Manfreda dj set.

Terrazza Istituto Svizzero – Via Liguria, 20 – Rome

h 19.00/24.00
Free Entry

Also on show on the 2nd floor: Don’t Open that Door (24.06.-23.07.10), the exhibition by the artists-in-residence at ISR: Hadrien Dussoix, Gian Michelle Grob, Angela Marzullo, Esteban Pagés.