“Khun’s Paradigm” at FuoriCampo Gallery, Siena and Studio O2, Cremona

Stefano Serretta, Forever, 2017, neon
Courtesy the artist


The project Kuhn’s Paradigm curated by Ettore Favini, Esther Biancotti e Jacopo Figura—with a text by Rossella Farinotti, opens the doors of its first instantiation on Saturday January 20th, 2018 at the FuoriCampo Gallery, in Siena. Kuhn’s Paradigm is a collective show, that brings together the works of 19 artists, divided between two locations, taking place in two different moments in time: FuoriCampo in Siena, from January 20th to March 31st, will host a series of small works—one for each artist, as a foretaste (yet without revealing too much) of the exhibition of the works at Studio O2 in Cremona, a former industrial building run by a group of young engineers specializing in energy diagnoses, where the exhibition will run from January 27th until February 28th.

In his most famous book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, the epistemologist Thomas S. Kuhn stated that any discovery begins with the realization of an anomaly in relation to expectations. This anomaly is explored thoroughly until the paradigm-theory is revised, to the point the anomalous becomes normality. There is thus continuity between science and revolution, as scientists always work within a recognised frame of reference which is apparently solid, until limitations are identified and replaced with a theoretical adaptation. Following Kuhn’s idea, the art world can also claim to be marked by revolutionary instances, such as Manifestos or Secessions, as alternating periods of academic approach, which manage to stimulate a so-called cultural “turning-point,” through the reproduction of certain compositional or theoretical principles. Accordingly, the works presented in the exhibition share a common opposition to the past. However, rather than being a mere rejection, the goal is to re-read history, in order to project artistic practice onto thematics more universally related to change and transformation.

Many of the invited artists work with the idea of construction and adaptation, on the formal balance of power relations, in an ongoing analysis of the present, to imagine possible solutions for the future. This approach stems perhaps from this national art system seemingly offering little possibilities of change to Italian artists. They struggle in fact under the weight of the two major—both intrusive and resilient paradigms, namely Arte Povera and Transavanguardia. Thus, the exhibition aims to be a critical space for appraising the current capabilities of contemporary art, testing a number of artistic and curatorial principles, through the works of makers-artists. They become the sensitive indicators of the anomaly, which can be attributed to the fact that the paradigm is slowly losing its explanatory validity.

The invited artists are: Marco Basta, Thomas Berra, Alessandro Biggio, Andrea Bocca, Pamela Diamante, Tony Fiorentino, Mafalda Galessi, Corinna Gosmaro, Helena Hladilovà, Vincenzo Napolitano, Dario Pecoraro, Alessandro Polo, Gianni Politi, Agne Raceviciute, Stefano Serretta, Namsal Siedlecki, Luca Trevisani, Serena Vestrucci, Mauro Vignando.


Andrea Bocca, Untitled (nero-rosa), 2017
Courtesy the artist


Marco Basta, Mississippi, 2016
Courtesy the artist


A project by Ettore Favini, Esther Biancotti e Jacopo Figura
With a text by Rossella Farinotti

Opening at Galleria FuoriCampo on 20 January 2018, 7pm
21 January–31 March 2018
Opening at Studio 02 on 27 January 2018, 6pm
28 January–31 February 2018

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