HaVE A LoOk! HAve a Look!

A couple of weeks ago HaVE A LoOk! HAve a Look!, a project by FromContent, finished. This sort of audio exhibition, ranging from live events, pre-recorded contributions and curated sessions, explores the existing relationship between the physicality of an object and the possibility of its oral transmission. Now it’s possible to hear the complete audio recording of this weekly audio show at http://formcontent.org/exhibitions/have-look-have-look/. Listen up.

‘Have a Look! Have a Look!’ screams the woman that sells fruits and vegetables in a stall right in front of FormContent’s window on Ridley Road market. Her voice attracts the passer-by becoming a physical presence to distinguish one stall from the others.
Similarly HaVE A LoOk! HAve a LOok! will be a physical and mental gathering of sounds, words and objects tackling the dematerialization of art pieces into aural manifestations. Ranging from live events, pre-recorded contributions and curated sessions, the project explores the existing relationship between the physicality of an object and the possibility of its oral transmission.
Through a weekly update of online audio streaming, FormContent will map and experiment with the parameters of an exhibition as a recorded medium. At the same time the space will be open to be used by the participants as a listening room, a compendium for the online contributions or as an impromptu collection of objects investigating further the relationship between the presence of a work and its narration.
Guests working on the threshold of art, music and writing have been developing content that will feed the online streaming and could also create a visual layer to the exhibition space available at FormContent through events, performances or temporary sets.
The project will manifest itself weekly from May 7th to July 11th 2010 through various interventions confusingly constructing an exhibition existing, through several constituents, in different formats and in different place.
Over 35 international contributors will enrich to the project with very diversified ideas that will be declined in a Babel of noise, voices, sounds and stories at FormContent.

Irene Aristizabal with Pia Borg, Tyler Coburn & Jeffrey K. Miller, Dan Scott, Juan Sebastian Suanca, Mark Aerial Waller / Adam Avikainen / Phil Baber / Fiona Banner / Rossella Biscotti/ Book Works with the Semina series / Roberto Cuoghi / Guillaume Désanges / Eva Fabbris / Luigi Fassi with Michael Hoepfner, Katarina Zdjelar / Chris Fite-Wassilak and Kate McLarnon with Oliver McLarnon, Dennis McNulty, David Sherry, Jon Thrupp and Mary McLarnon / Alicia Frankovich / Dora Garcia / Clare Gasson / Bianca Hester / Will Holder / Julia Klaering and Andrea Salzmann with Stefan Geissler / Hilary Koob-Sassen / Institution of Rot / Franciska Lambrechts / Marco Lampis / Franziska Lantz / Andrea Lissoni with Chiara Fumai / Antonia Majaca with Yane Calovski, Ben Cain, Tina Gverovic, Lala Rascic and Tyler Friedman / Alex Martinis Roe/ Darius Miksys / Mother Festival / Pedro Neves Marques / Paul Pieroni / Matteo Rubbi / Davide Savorani / Jennifer Teets with Asl? Çavu?o?lu, Lorenzo Cirrincione and Hughes Peyrebère, Snowden Snowden and Forté / Nick Thurston / Lauren von Gogh / Oriol Vilanova / X marks the Bökship / Jonas Žakaitis

(from Press Release)