Paolo Virno “Word” at Fondazione Baruchello, Rome

Archivio dei cinque cuori, Il Montaggio
Photomontage, 1975. Courtesy Fondazione Baruchello


This evening at 7pm, Fondazione Baruchello presents Word, a conversation with philosopher Paolo Virno within the ongoing project Archive of the five Hearts and other Archives.

Archiving, classification and compilation of lists are activities that have always been central to Gianfranco Baruchello’s work. While on the one hand this continuous cataloguing and creation of inventory lists is an attempt to put materials of various provenance into some order, this method is above all a mental system that returns within his paintings, objects and installations.

Since November 2017, the Fondazione Baruchello began digitalizing a specific section of its archives. Stemming from this activity, a continuation of the cataloguing and organization of the entire artist’s archive begun in 1998, some of the materials will be made available for consultation from February 2018, through a system titled Archive of the five Hearts and other Archives currently in the process of being set up.

Within the sphere of the project, a series of thematic discussions will be held based on some recurrent terms in Baruchello’s work. Waiting, desire, diary, error, limit, forgetting, word, fear, noise, cut and earth are the key words individuated by the artist together with Felice Cimatti, a professor of Philosophy of Language at the University of Calabria, which constitute the point of departure for eleven encounters open to the public, to be held between January and June 2018. Each appointment will be an opportunity to imagine new interconnections between languages, stories, images and ideas, and also to explore together the potential in the practice of archiving documents, photographs and objects.

These sixty-minute encounters will be held every second Tuesday. During the first encounter Paolo Virno will lead a discussion on the term WORD.


Archivio dei cinque cuori, Avventure nell’armadio di plexiglass
Photocopies of the originals, 1968. Courtesy Fondazione Baruchello


Paolo Virno
part of the ongoing project Archive of the five Hearts and other Archives
30 January 2018, 7pm

Fondazione Baruchello | Via del Vascello 35, Roma
+39 06 5809482