Weather Diaries by George Kuchar

These are the last days to visit the 6th edition of the Berlin Biennale and before it ends I recommend you to check out the work of George Kuchar. It’s a dark room with all the Weather Diaries that he shot in the past twenty years. A melodramatic and subjective portrait of Tornado Valley which made me reflect on how the perception of lightning and rain makes humans connect to something that goes beyond the surface of things. Here below you can find a few pages from a fanzine that I found in the Biennale with some interesting memories by Kuchar. On Ubuweb you can see the Weather Diary 1 -1986. (lmg)



Kuchar, George, 1942 – Reflections from cinematic cesspool/George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar
Copyright © 1997 by George Kuchar and Mike Kuchar