“DA FRANCO–Senza appuntamento #1″ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289, Rome

Andrea Polichetti, GLORIA Y AMIGOS, Installation view
The National Exemplar Gallery, Rome, 2017, Courtesy the artist


Originating from a project by Andrea Polichetti and Niccoló De Napoli, SENZA APPUNTAMENTO (WITHOUT APPOINTMENT) is a series of three collective exhibitions hosted by Franco Candela, a barbershop located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289, in Rome. The first appointment will include works by Andrea Polichetti , Niccoló De Napoli, Michele Tiberio, Benni Bosetto and Silvio Saccá, and will open its doors on Friday, 9 February 2018 at 7pm.

Through artistic interventions that can act both in synergy or contrast with the location, the invited artists are called to interact with a space beyond the conventional “white cube,” in a spirit of comparison and open participation.

Including new and old productions, the proposed artworks have been autonomously selected by the artists themselves accordingly to this specific context, which they were already familiar or deepening their bonds with. Some exclusive editorial content will be produced and published in collaboration with NERO, thus extending the project beyond its physical locations.

Senza Appuntamento is the starting point of an exhibition cycle that aims at creating a meeting point for Italian and international artists. An opportunity to present works and projects and implement the dialogue within the local artistic community thanks to a plurality of modes of expression and display. This flexible exhibition format is specifically conceived to facilitate a transversal conversation among artists, curators, foundations, academies, galleries, and collectors.

The audience is invited to visit Ursula Mayer’s solo show, which will open its doors on the same evening at Monitor gallery, in via Sforza Cesarini 43a, Rome.


Benni Bosetto, Oh yes (detail), 2017
Courtesy of the Artist and ADA, Roma


Barbershop Franco Candela, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289
Ph. Niccoló De Napoli


DA FRANCO–Senza appuntamento #1
Andrea Polichetti, Niccoló De Napoli, Michele Tiberio, Benni Bosetto, Silvio Saccá
Opening 9 February 2018, 6pm

Da Franco | Corso vittorio Emanuele II 289
Tue/Sat 9–13am, 3–8pm