“Abitare il minerale” at Castello Di Rivoli, Turin

Martian rocks containing a hydrated mineral similar to opal revealed by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona


Tomorrow Castello di Rivoli–Museo d’Arte Contemporanea presents the itinerant symposium ABITARE IL MINERALE (ENTANGLING THE MINERAL), concluding its trajectory enriched by new projects realized by three Italian artistic platforms, which operate in the innovation of tools and methods of fruition and cultural production: NERO, Vdrome and Treti Galaxie.

A platform for cinema and video art initiated and sponsored by Mousse, Vdrome presents a movie by Amie Siegel, at Teatro del Castello at 3:30pm; active since 2016 with emerging artists projects in unusual spaces, the young art project Treti Galaxie hosts Lisa Dalfino and Sacha Kanah’s performance, at 4:30pm at Cisterna Cinquecentesca; last but not least, NERO’s editor Valerio Mattioli will lead a lecture and listening session at Sala Conferenze, Manica Lunga, at 5pm.

Entitled Another Green World, the lecture will swing from Brian Eno to jungle music, from fourth world music to the most recent “eco-futurist” tendencies. Can the history of electronic music suggest us some unexpected trajectories regarding the environment we live in? An interplay between the fantasy of an uncontaminated world and the reality marked by the human intervention on this very same environment.

Born in the cradle of sophisticated music, and immediately synonymous of cold sci-fi landscape, electronic music has crossed several phases and stages, up to falling into the pop sphere and transforming into something more ambiguous and apparently contradictory. When in the 70s, groups such as Kraftwerk reiterated once more the link between electronic sound and post-industrial modernity, other musicians recurred to technology to suggest the bucolic idyll of a natural environment, almost inadvertently baptising the birth of a sonorous language based on this meeting/clash of the artificial and the organic.
How was thus possible that such futurist music—expression both of the machine and of this rejection of any “return to nature,” would be eventually identified as one of the main tools through which nature is investigated, interrogated and reinterpreted?

Valerio Mattioli (Roma, 1978) is editor at NERO. In 2016, he published for Baldini & Castoldi Superonda–Storia segreta della musica italiana.


ABITARE IL MINERALE is realized in collaboration with Castello di Rivoli–Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, curated by Francesca Comisso, Luisa Perlo and Marianna Vecellio, sustained by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Since February 17th, ABITARE IL MINERALE will be online with a website, which collects the photo and video documentation of the project by the collective CAM, formed by the participants of the narration workshop lead by filmmaker Irene Dionisio and photographer Francesca Cirilli.


Amie Siegel, Quarry, 2015, video HD (still)
Courtesy the artist and Simon Preston Gallery, New York


Lisa Dalfino e Sacha Kanah, Forze apparenti, 2018 (detail)
Courtesy the artists


17 February 2018

3:30pm | Quarry, Video di Amie Siegel, 2015 (34’) | Teatro del Castello
4:30pm | Forze apparenti by Lisa Dalfino and Sacha Kanah | Cisterna
5:30pm | Another Green World by Valerio Mattioli | Sala Conferenze, Manica Lunga

Castello di Rivoli–Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia, Turin
+39 011 9565222