The new single from Cosmic Metal Mother echoes back from the cosmic sound that might accompany a flight into the void. Rat’s poem is one of the most beautiful pieces that we have heard lately.

Here is an extract from Rat’s Poem:

One year later the label Panacustica delivers a slamming second twelve inch “Rat’s poem”, an original work from Cosmic Metal Mother followed by a brilliant Prins Thomas remix, plus a Detroit inspired instrumental by Stay gold, Argento’s alter ego. The record opens with a dreamy version where a plucked string intro and Rat’s voice drive you into a deep, cinematic, adult dance groove. This laid back, psychedelic track flows well beyond your usual dance floor act into Eno-esque territories. Prins Thomas‘s mix is faster, happier and jumpier. It’s an amazing balearic trip with a live warm feel to it in which a guitar plays along the melody, accentuating the spaced out feel of the track, lifting it into higher states. Stay gold gives the listeners a techno version where sparse, mechanical drums and a minimized melody take us to the motor city (citta’ dei motori) for a night drive in the dark. Own it, feel it, play it loud.

(from press release)