Museum of Exiled Italian Art

The Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento announced, within its Trentoship/ educational programme, 4 workshops that all together will investigate the “hypothetical” and “real vs fictional” dimension of the contemporary cultural institution, a theme that will fully inform the programme of the Fondazione for 2011.

The first workshop (September 15 to 16) features, in the role of artist-professor, the Italian artist Cesare Pietroiusti. Pietroiusti’s practice is based upon the examination of the phenomena underlying our everyday life, from the relations that are established among people to the expression of their diverse personalities. The artist investigates in this same vein the rules that make up and “encompass” the context of art. The workshop aims at defining and organizing the theoretical and practical aspects linked to the foundation of a new museum, the Museo dell’Arte Italiana in Esilio (The Museum of Exiled Italian Art). This institution is, in the artist’s words, an alternative to the actual museum and acts as a research platform for analyzing contemporary art history in Italy, its own cliches and potentialities. Starting from a series of explorations – carried out by the participants – the singled out and archived works will acknowledge the activity of individual artists or collectives who carry out atypical, heterodox creative practices outside the media communication network linked to the art system, or active in troubled situations or in fields that are not defined as “artistic” ones, but that can be apparently closer to politics, historiography, philosophy, environmental or scientific research. The investigation lays no claims to being a comprehensive or systematic study, yet it will act as an introductory “case-history” supporting the starting off of this possible museum and as an invitation to direct its future programme towards themes such as the concept of “relational” and its placement between psychological and artistic research, the artistic (self)censorship, the supposed gap between Italian contemporary art and ideological-political commitment.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the project.

The above picture is by Aldo Piromalli, a self-exiled artist in Amsterdam who every week sends his works to museums and art institutions around the world.