FLUX. Lithuanian Art Festival in Rome

Kamilė Gudmonaitė, Trans Trans Trance
Photo Tomas Ivanauskas


The FLUX. Lithuanian Art Festival continues with a performance program curated by Claudio Libero Pisano.The performance program will unfold with other great names of the international landscape, from theatre directors such as Oskaras Koršunovas e Kamilė Gudmonaitė, to the jazz player Vladimir Tarasov and the performers Laima Kreivytė, Lina Lapelytė, Gintare Minelgaitė, Andrej Polukord.

Today at Palazzo Braschi at 5pm, the artist and performer Lina Lapelytė (1984) presents Pirouette staging the of an ex ballet dancer, accompanied by a wind instrument played through a circular breathing technique. The performance is a reflection on life cicles, human vulnerability and behavioural codes. Following at 5:30pm actress and theatre director Gintare Minelgaitė (1984), hosts six young ping pong players for the performance Self-Fles. At 6:30pm at Museo Barracco, artist Andrej Polukord (1990) will end the day with the performance Chez Andre. The site specific performance stems from the interaction with the roman statues present in the museum. 

Tomorrow, Saturday 12 May the program continues with poet, performer and critic Laima Kreivytė (1972), member of the Lithuanina collective “Cooltūristės”. At 6pm, Laima Kreivytė will take a walk through Rome most historical places. Leaving from Palazzo Braschi, will move towards the ex occupied convent, a historical feminist venue in Rome, in via del Governo Vecchio, to the Casa delle Donne in Trastevere. The itinerary will end at Ponte Garibaldi in front of the stone dedicated to Giorgiana Masi, a student killed by the police, precisely on May 12th, 1977 during a demonstration.

On Sunday, May 13th the jazz concert by the  trio Vladimir Tarasov, Liudas Mockūnas, Eugenijus Kanevičius at 9pm at l’Auditorium Parco della Musica / Teatro Studio Borgna with their last effort Intuitus, published by NoBusiness Record.

On Monday, May 14th the international theatre star Oskaras Koršunovas, at Auditorium Parco della Musica in the Teatro Studio Borgna, at 9pm will present an adaptation of the Russian theatre classic Maksim Gorkij: Bassifondi.

The young theatre director of the Oskaras Koršunovas TheatreKamil Gudmonait (1992) will close the festival with Trans Trans Trance on Tuesday May 15th at 6pm at Teatro India.


Oskaras Koršunovas, Maksim Gorkij, Bassifondi
Photo Dmitrij Matvejev


Performances by Lina Lapelytė, Gintarė Minelgaitė, and Andrej Polukord
11 May 2018, 5pm and 9pm
Palazzo Braschi and Museo Barracco

Walking perfromance by Laima Kreivytė
Various Locations
12 May 2018, starting at 6pm from Palazzo Braschi

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